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"Such a unique book. The intriguing transition between greyscale and colour makes it truly memorable". LoveforStories


"Delightful. Incredible illustrations. Beautiful story." Susanna Sewell, Children's Librarian


"What a charming little book!" Lets_Get_Kids_Reading

From the Publisher

Rust Heart

When Scarlet moves to the city, the grey seems never-ending and shadows creep through the cracks in the walls. 

That is, until she discovers something. 

The city leaves gifts for Scarlet to find in hidden nooks and furrows, inspiring a project of hope and connection. As the stories of  people from her community weave together with her own, colour slowly returns to Scarlet's world. 

Editorial Reviews

Shadow Wall

Formats: Hardcover

Extent: 32 Pages

Publication Date: 20/06/2023

Age range: 3-6 years

Once Scarlet lived in a home filled with colour, where she painted with Grandma Ruby. 

Green meadows, blue wild flowers, and yellow ducklings danced across the canvas. 

But not anymore. 

Publisher: Ethicool Books

Illustrator: Anastasia Bukhnina

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Rust Hearts
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