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Hello! My name is Olivia and I live on a dairy farm by the sea. When I’m not dreaming about giving surf lessons to the cows I write books for children.  


Why? Because life is too short for regrets.

Before becoming a writer I worked as a kindergarten teacher. I even had a go at running a drama program for primary school children which was a total blast. But one of my favourite things in the world is getting children excited about nature and gardening. When I need help procrastinating (a very important part of being a writer) I love digging for worms and growing funny shaped vegetables in my own unruly garden.

I also spend a ridiculous amount of time rock pooling, chatting to local crustaceans and looking for a glimpse of the bright orange octopus I’m almost certain I did not imagine once seeing there. You can check out some of my rock pool discoveries over at my Instagram @olivia.coates_thewritetime


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